Using cloud-based accounting software and related apps, we can streamline your day to day accounting and bookkeeping processes making them easier, and providing you with organized and timely financial information so that you can focus on the growth and success of your business!  And while we believe that leveraging technology to help you work smarter is a good thing, we know that it needs to be properly implemented and driven by people that know what they're doing, this is where out technical skills and experience will benefit you.

The process starts during our first consultation (in-person or online) where I learn about your business and how it works, then we look at your current accounting system if one is in place and identify weaknesses and discuss the pain points you are experiencing.  We will demo the apps that we believe would eliminate your accounting pain points, recommend a solution and set up a personalized bundle of services.  We'll then assist you with implementing the cloud based accounting system, complete any necessary file conversions, and provide you with basic training.

Our services allow for an affordable and efficient way to get up-to-date and accurate accounting/bookkeeping regardless of your business location.  Our accounting systems and menu of services are customizable and scaleable to work with business such as consultants, start-ups, and established small businesses.

Your accounting/bookkeeping is completed per our agreed schedule.

  • You can access your reports, and business financial information from anywhere, at anytime.

Accounting and bookkeeping doesn't have to be difficult and time consuming!

TIME - your most precious commodity!

The day-to-day financial part of running a business can be time consuming.  Have you ever stopped to consider how many hours you've spent working on your books instead of working on growing your business?  Or how many nights you have spent sorting through receipts and other paperwork, instead of spending quality time with family?  These tasks are necessary for your business operations and have to be done on a regular basis, we can help you take back some time by providing you with professional accounting and bookkeeping services.

Our process to your (partial or completely) outsourced back office

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The end result ..... it's simple, smart, and secure, you save time and receive a consistent quality of financial information that is accessible anywhere, from any device, and at any-time ... all for an affordable fixed monthly fee.

We organize your accounting/bookkeeping files and records.

  • As your cloud-coach we review your documents and perform the appropriate functions.
  • Your digitized accounting documents are stored, managed, and linked to the accounting entry made in your accounting system.

As your cloud-coach we can help your business become more streamlined and efficient in today's new way of doing business.  If your accounting/bookkeeping is out of control, we can help.  We can work with you on an as-needed basis, or take your back office functions completely off your to-do list.

It's as Simple As.......

We setup a customized accounting/bookkeeping solution designed with your business needs in mind.  Each solution includes some amazingly cool accounting software, and we offer fixed fee plans so there are no surprises!

You send us your paperwork on an agreed schedule using HubDoc, LedgerDocs, upload bulk PDF images to our secure email, or courier your documents to our office.