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Do you find yourself feeling puzzled by accounting / bookkeeping tasks?

has your accountant handed you pages of "adjustments" to enter? 

we can help!

We offer a full accounting data-file check-up and assessment with packages starting at $399.  I can check your books to ensure that your data-file is set up correctly, advise on and correct data entry issues, and more.  By getting your books checked you not only reduce your stress at year-end, you also save yourself time and money.

An Accounting / Bookkeeping Checkup includes:

  • checking conversion balances for correctness (applicable to clients who have converted from other accounting systems)
  • checking general ledger and subledger accounts to determine if they are correct and properly reconciled
  • checking your financial statements to make sure that they are setup properly and make sense
  • checking and assisting you with repairs to online bank feeds
  • checking that fixed (capital) assets are setup correctly
  • checking that add-on apps are integrating properly
  • assisting you with any data entry corrections and outstanding entries to be made
  • providing you with comments and suggestions to help keep your books in good order

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Not Sure that your Accounting / bookkeeping records are in the best possible condition?