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Integrated Productivity Apps aka "Add-on's"

One of the biggest benefits of cloud accounting software lies in the growing ecosystem of software partners, there is a vast selection of software tools available to suit businesses operating in retail, service, and in the trades. Properly chosen add-ons can seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks Online, which means that information and data will flow between these separate programs as if they were one program, put simply - you enjoy time savings and data integrity because there is no need for double handling of data or re-keying of information between the various programs.  We have had the opportunity to see some of these add-on's in action and have incorporated some of these into our business so we have a good understanding of what add-on's could work for your business.

Check out some of our most commonly recommended add-on's for QuickBooks Online:


Receipt Bank
Payment Evolution

Data-file Review

We understand that running your business is what you do best and that sometimes the "how-to's" of bookkeeping can seem a bit overwhelming and mistakes can happen. We offer a
file review and clean-up package starting at $399, we will check your books to ensure that your data-file is set up correctly, advise on and correct data entry issues, and more.  By getting your books checked you not only reduce your stress at year-end, you also save yourself time and money.

QuickBooks service packages

Simple Solutions for your Business

We believe that when properly implemented and utilized, cloud technology can make a huge difference to the time and effort it takes to run your business.  That's why since 2013 when QuickBooks Online first launched in Canada we have chosen to partner with QuickBooks Online - it makes it possible for us to work proactively with you to help you manage your finances, monitor your cash flow, and collaborate on day-to-day data entry processes.  Harnessing the power of today's technology can help your business move forward, the key is to make sure that the right accounting platform is chosen for your business needs and that it is properly set up, contact us to find out more about how we can help you get the most out of your software.

We've created our core QuickBooks Online service packages to suit your different requirements and to eliminate billing surprises, that said, if one of our core packages doesn't quite cover what you're looking for, contact us and we will work with you to create a custom solution that better fits your business needs.

​​Training and Support

​We are firm believers that the setup of a clients' accounting system is only the first piece of the process, that is why our setup and file conversion packages include two 1.5 hr training sessions to help you become familiar with QuickBooks.  During these two sessions we will show you how to effectively use QuickBooks Online to run your business and will fine tune the settings to make sure the features are optimized to save you time.

​Once the basic training is completed we are still here to help you with ongoing support when you need it and can tailor custom packages for additional training or support on an hourly or fixed fee basis.

QuickBooks Online Setup and/or File Conversion

​Setting up a new accounting system can sometimes feel like a daunting task, we offer
setup and file conversion packages to help your business start harnessing the power of QuickBooks efficiently and correctly from the start.  Our setup and file conversion packages include helping you choose the right version of QuickBooks Online for your business, complete setup, linking automated bank feeds, setup of payment processing services, and basic training.

If you have been using another accounting system or simple excel worksheets, we can help you import your customer and supplier contact information, and product and services lists into QuickBooks along with outstanding invoices and bills and the opening balances from your existing chart of accounts.  We can also provide you with suggestions on archiving the historical data from your former accounting system.