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Accounting system selection and implementation

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Not sure which accounting system is right for you?  need some training?

As a new or established business owner, you understand that a good accounting structure and system is vital to the success of your business.  You need to know if your business is making a profit, has sufficient cash-flow, and want to ensure that you stay compliant with various governmental filing requirements.

During our initial consultation (in-person or online) we will gather the information necessary to allow us to provide you with potential software solutions. We start by looking at your overall business operation and data flow, then from there we will provide you with potential software solutions and assist you in making decisions related to your accounting system, such as:

  • choosing the best accounting software package for your business, and where appropriate related apps that will provide your business with the right tools
  • establishing a transition or start-date for the accounting system
  • determining the best way to manage/organize your business records
  • designing the structure and setup of the chart of accounts and general ledger, designed to provide you with information in a manner that is relevant to your business and business information needs

Accounting software training

To provide you with the best possible training experience, we take the time to learn about each of the solutions that we recommend to clients, and have also earned our certifications with most. 

We provide one-on-one training for:

  • Xero
  • QuickBooks Online
  • QuickBooks Desktop
  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting

We prefer the one-on-one method of training as it allows us to review your current situation and to provide you with recommendations for improvements that can be made.  Training sessions are personalized so that we can work with you using real data for your business, we find that our clients get greater benefit from seeing how their information is processed versus using a sample scenario.  Training sessions are limited to scheduled 3 hour intervals to reduce information overload, and we encourage clients to ask questions and take notes.

Training sessions include:

  • How to use the features of your selected accounting system
  • Identifying shortcomings and areas where mistakes can occur
  • Creation of structured processes
  • Learn by doing